"To discover new continents, you must be willing to lose sight of the shore"

Blue Fountain is an intercontinental trader and business developer with special focus on Africa-Asian businesses.

Connecting the two continents which have distinct strengths, we believe there are immense business prospects, from which both can mutually benefit. While Africa is blessed with natural resources, young population and growth potentials, Asia boasts its technology, experience, liquid financial market.

Most importantly, Korea has vivid memory of economic and political revolution that transformed the continent a few years back, with majority of its older generations being eyewitnesses. Considering the rich natural, human, and cultural resources of Africa, we believe in a faster revolution.

Unfortunately, Asia and Africa have not had a substantial mutually benefiting interaction in the past, mainly due to the distance and language. Only a few companies and government agencies from Asia are active in Africa and vice versa, acting mainly on project basis. 

With Blue Fountain’s permanent presence in both continents, it aims to explore opportunities to bridge the economic gap between Asia and Africa. As we conduct businesses between the two continents, we believe that the livelihood of its people can fundamentally improve. We are actively engaged in various areas of business such as agricultural inputs, automotive, and project development.

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